Buying with Ron

Buying a home is an exciting time of possibilities, tours of  awesome spaces, unique properties and opportunities.

What kind of buyer are You?  Whether buying your first or 5th home, the process includes meeting goals.  Lots of buyers call it ‘Checking the boxes’ Otherwise, what’s the point?  Some typical goals in a home purchase include:

  • Outgrowing your current home and need more space?outgrowing family
  • Require space for a home office or business
  • Want more outdoor space whether an outdoor kitchen, patio, balcony or garden.
  • Get a piece of the American Dream and stop throwing away money on rent
  • Have easy access to recreation or a walkable, vibrant, downtown
  • Get closer to family
  • Dream of luxurious amenities like a swimming pool, hot tub or a home gym?
  • Move family into their own space within your home
  • Plan Buying dreaming graphicfor retiring to a vacation home, farm, ranch or family cluster.
  • Care for a disabled child through financially secure housing
  • Obtain something care free, without stairs, or with fewer hassles
  • Move closer to work or a job relocation
  • Build your dream home or pick your kitchen and bath designs with new construction
  • Build wealth through investment in real estate.

No matter what the goal, I’ll work you and your wish list to find the best match.     Quick Chat?     if you’d like to book a quick chat directly on my calendar, click here.

24 Hour action plan

I and my team are in a position to act quickly in the interests of our buyers. Tired of being put off and asked a lot of questions before you can see a house?  Click here for more info.


There are a wide variety of loan products, not all of them available from every lender.   Lenders will only tell you about the programs they offer, not what they don’t have or maybe even what’s best for You, the buyer.   My NextHome team has extensive experience with different loans- conventional, renovation, hard money, commercial and construction loans.   The property may dictate the type of loan that’s best for the property purchase.  I work  for my buyers to get them the best financing for their situation.

Some standardized programs require as little as zero down, like a VA or USDA loan, while the standard FHA loan requires 3.5% in a down payment.   Community Reinvestment Act loans offer an attractive program for mid-income families, providing 3% down loans without PMI*.   Want more information on Government sponsored loans, renovation and investor loans?  Click for more on loan programs….

The Importance of Getting Pre-Approved

In Today’s market, a Buyer’s mortgage pre-approval letter is an important part of any offer.  Being pre-approved shows that you, as a buyer, are proactively taking the steps to buy and ARE a bona fide buyer.  Its often too late to work the approval process, once you find the home of your dreams.  Request a conversation about financing, click here…

*PMI or Private Mortgage Insurance raises the Buyer’s borrowing costs by approximately 0.5%, essentially added interest on the home loan.