More on Loan Programs…

I provide this information because not all lenders offer every program and even if they offer the program are not well versed or have a lot of experience with the program.  I get my home buyers in touch with lenders that are effective and efficient in providing the money needed from these sources.

Veteran Affairs (VA)

VA loans are a great way to buy a home.   A buyer may use a VA loan to purchase an apartment building with up to four apartments as long as you occupy one of those apartments.   The VA must determine that you are eligible.  The VA requirements are at:

At this time, I have VA lenders offering $500 incentives through no application fee, etc.  I believe so strongly in this program to help those that have served, that I match the lender incentive with a $500 BUYER credit (toward closing costs) on qualifying purchases.


Community Reinvestment Act (CRA)

The CRA program is intended to help low and mid-level income families and support specific areas with low cost loans.  Lenders are encouraged to reinvest in their local communities through this program that typically have attractive interest rates and low fees.  More Info at:

USDA loans

This rural development program, administered by the US Department of Agriculture and guaranteed by the US government, is intended to promote home ownership with 100% financing in qualified areas.  A large portion of Chester County, Pennsylvania qualifies for this program.  For more information on the program, click here.

The determine eligibility of a specific home or property, click here.

PA Programs for 1st time Buyers

I love this PA program for first time buyers offering:

  • Down payment grants
  • Closing cost credits
  • Lower PMI
  • Tax Credits for the life of the loan

and much, much more.  These programs have lots of rules regarding eligibility.  The PHFA program details are at:    Click Here.

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