Sometimes, its More than Selling a home….

Sometimes selling can seem overwhelming…

That feeling may arise from anxiety about

  • finding the next home in the process,
  • allowing strangers into your space,  or the
  • work in preparing to sell.

I’m sure I’m missing a few in the above list, but the overwhelming nature of moving/selling may make someone make somewhat surprising decisions.  Surprising, perhaps, to one that isn’t facing the many possible aspects of moving.

Some seek to pursue an easy (AS IS) sale that doesn’t net Top Dollar.  Yes.  Yet, this approach gives them the peace of mind that they won’t be nickel and dime’d during the inspection process – nor will they need to manage repairs before or during the sale.

Others want a quick transactions, simply to minimize the uncertainty in their living or financial situation when selling or buying.

Still others, comfortable with their present situation, are willing to make preparations and wait for the Top Dollar because circumstances allow that process.

Regardless of what works best for you in buying or selling, I ask some thoughtful questions that allow me to tailor the strategy that meets your goals in the process.

If that process involves preparations, repairs or renovation before the house is ready to market, I employ a consultative approach, am not afraid to roll up my sleeves and can provide a choice of contractors that I routinely work with to tackle similar situations.

I have a friend, who happens to be an attorney, who often says “Ron will do what it takes to get your home sold”.  She has seen me do that so many times, its a natural reaction when asked about real estate professionals in Chester County.  That means I’ll personally do what it takes and can lean on my team of professionals to:

  • Move family photos, memorabilia, hierloms
  • Clean out unwanted areas or little used items in places like the basement or attic
  • Complete repairs such as doors, cabinets,  gutters,
  • Landscape front
  • Fix plumbing or electrical problems
  • Conduct required Township inspections and repairs, if desired
  • Fix walls, trim, floors, and/or paint or seal
  • Power wash exterior, walkway, deck and patio
  • Dispose of refuse and trash

Its rare that all of these things are needed on a single sale, but there is often some work to begin the selling process.  Call or text 610.299.9850 to start the sale!

Has a loved one passed?

Managing an estate is definitely more than selling a house.  What makes an estate different?

In fact, that’s just one of the many things involved, and can quickly seem overwhelming.  Handling affairs such finances, taxes and personal property complicate the process.   Sometimes,  tenants, live-in caregivers, surviving spouses and family create uncertainty in these affairs and often all the estate’s wealth is locked up in the real estate’s equity.

In these situations, I help my clients with many aspects including personal possessions, landscaping, cleaning, painting and removal of trash.  Possessions have often been furniture, collectibles, art, fine jewelry and even hard to handle items like, firearms, ammunition, and even fuel tanks!!
I can even point you in the right direction to work the proper transfer of firearms, disposal of ammunition, hazardous materials- I have even dealt with bio waste!!

I draw on a network of auction houses, consignment and resale shops, contractors and specialists to solve problems and generate cash.

Some examples:

Team Upscale Resale


Team Auction House
Team Auction House , Tim Ziegler

A final step is often a proper cleaning to put your best foot forward to start the sale process.  Call or text 610.299.9850 today.