What if stairs, the lawn or maintenance is an obstacle?

What happens when a home’s stairs, lawn or maintenance presents an obstacle or an everyday struggle?  Sometimes, the answer is that a loved one is no longer able to live in their home.  An injury, event may trigger this decision or It may have built up gradually to arrive at the decision- mobility enjoyed at an earlier stage of life, just isn’t there anymore- steps, errands and keeping up with a house is just too much.

So, a senior friendly choice is the answer for many.  That may be a transition to an in-law suite (living with family), a independent living home, a 55+ community with social activities, walkable amenities, a community with helpful staff,  or in planning for the future, maybe skilled nursing is just a minute away.

A new place doesn’t have to be in a 55+ or assisted care community, just something more manageable, without impossible tasks or easier to get around.  These changes are a perfect fit for my buyer representation, that doesn’t cost anything, to find the right home.  As an SRES or Senior Real Estate Specialist, I’ve completed coursework to study the unique concerns, options and solutions needed by the folks that are thinking about this journey.

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